Queue Management System

What is
Queue Management System

A queue management system is a set of tools and sub-systems assist in controlling customers’ flow, managing the waiting time and enhancing customers’ experience for multiple industries including banking, healthcare, retails, education, government, and telecom.

Manage Queue Effortlessly

We offer numerous Q-Management systems (QMS) and solutions depending on the customer’s requirements. Numerous models ranging from normal token display to robust Q-Management system with touch screens and remote management application. This tool helps business to reduce number of people waiting in their premises. Our self-serve Queue management kiosk takes away the stress of reception managed token number distribution. In order to provide controlled distribution of the token numbers, our system also empowers businesses with our reception managed ticket dispensers that create more responsive and adequate environment for everyone.It also provide tools like Real Time Analytical & Graphical report, Live Dashboards,Alerts and notifications (and much more) to improve staff efficiency and also plays a key role in increased customer satisfaction.

Features & BENEFITS

  • WIRED & WIRELESS Technology with mix and match capability
  • Multi-Lingual (English, French, German, Arabic, Tagalog and more…)
  • Intelligent Controls for Timings & Load-Sharing
  • Attendant’s Login & Logout with Efficiency Control
  • Multi-Channel Customer / Patients Flow Control (Auto & Manual Transfer)
  • Advance & Intelligent Calling controls (such as Priority Call / Save Next / Auto-Recall, etc.)
  • Floor Mount, Wall Mount & Desktop Token Dispensers (with matching interior – as required)
  • Video, Pictures & Text Message Promotions (Digital Signage) on Main Displays
  • Periodic and Regular In-House Promotions
  • Facility to run Third-Party Advertisements on Main Displays as well as on Tokens (to be used as marketing /revenue-generation tool)
  • SMS Facility (Notification to Customers / Call Manager / Daily Reporting, etc.)
  • Customized Token Designs (Multi-Lingual – with Text & Graphics capability)
  • Auto-Stop Facility (Tokens for each Service / Category will stop printing at a specified time)
  • Live Web Reporting with Dashboard
  • Analytical as well as Graphical On-Demand Reporting

Queue management system

Software Features

Real time tracking

Know which staff are available and which queues need attentions as customers enter your store

Configuration and Reports

Change queue categories and view up to date reports


Send updates to your customers regarding their position in the queue

Self Sign Up

Encourage customers to join the queue without any hassle

Events Integration

Create in-store events, and enroll participants through the floor manager app

Appointments and Bookings

Configure staff rosters and allow your customers to book appointments

Queue management system

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View waiting, serving and finished queues at a glance

Move customers across different queues with a asimple touch interface

Send SMS reminders to your customers so they can better utilise their wait time

The bookings and events module lets you manage all customer requirements from a single device

Customers can easily set appointments ahead of their arrival

Receive booking details in your email with the opinion to add to your calender